Chuck Gallagher – Class of 1975
Author; Entrepreneur; Motivational speaker; Owner, Primeau Productions, Greenville, SC

In his book entitled “Second Chances – Transforming Adversity into Opportunity,” Chuck Gallagher tells his personal story of how a poor ethical choice led to life-changing consequences and how since that time he has rebuilt his life and become a major success. Through the written word, public speaking, seminars, video production, and leading by example, Chuck has turned a bad experience into one of inspiration, courage, and strength.

After graduating from East Burke, Chuck earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in accounting from Appalachian State University and launched a career as a Certified Public Accountant. At the age of 26, he became the youngest tax partner in a regional CPA firm and was one of only three CPAs in the country who were invited to testify before the United States House Ways and Means Committee concerning a new employment benefits provision in the tax law.

Since those days, he has made an even more impressive name for himself by guiding others to make ethical choices that will enable them to succeed and do good for themselves and others. Chuck explains: “Ethics may seem like a theoretical concept (not to mention a dull one), but someday you may be asked ‘What did you know? When did you know it? What did you do about it?’ That’s when it becomes more practical and a vital part of your business culture.

“My work as an international ethics speaker, author, and consultant has been built on a foundation of experience building businesses and sales teams, along with powerful, and sometimes painful, lessons learned along the way. I’ve been featured on CNN, CBS, and NPR radio. My work is focused on the human side of ethics and using the insight gained to empower others in making better choices.

“I am the President of and the CEO of Ethics Resource Group and Virtual Training Associates. Through these outlets, I’m able to share my knowledge and real-world experience of choices and their consequences – both positive and negative – and how life can offer second chances. I share my own life journey and vulnerabilities with audiences in a way that is both entertaining and thoughtful, taking theoretical principles and concepts and presenting them as practical actions – actions which lead to results.

“My speaking engagements offer something a little different. As a speaker, I bring insights, practical strategies, vulnerability, and humor to ethical training. I help connect the dots between behavior, choices, and success in business – turning the theoretical into the practical. Concepts turn into actions, and actions into results.”

Chuck’s book entitled “Monday Morning Ethics: The Lessons Sports Ethics Scandal Can Teach Athletes, Coaches, Sports Executives, and Fans,” published in 2023 and co-authored with Bruce H. Wolk, presents 31 stories of people who made dubious choices, some deliberate, others impulsive, and how those decisions affected their lives and the lives of others. The reader is challenged to think about how daily decisions can make a difference.

In addition, his 2018 book “Every Choice Has a Consequence: Why People Stray Off the Straight & Narrow & How to Get Them Back on Track” examines ethics from a business standpoint and gives practical advice about how companies can help keep their most valuable resource, their people, on the proper ethical path. These books and lectures all follow much the same theme: following ethical principles will lead to success.

Many of Chuck’s life lessons were the result of adversity, but there is no doubt that inspiration was also found during his school years. One of his favorite and most influential teachers was Jim Williams. “Jim was the key that unlocked the talent in so many of us, allowing our creativity to shine. He expected the best, and while we thought he was conducting a choir, the truth is he was the symphony master for so many souls who will never forget his loving guidance!” On April 13, 2024, Chuck joined with many other Cavalier graduates to celebrate East Burke’s 50th year by participating in an alumni music event and singing in the Cavalier alumni chorus to both celebrate school spirit and history and to honor Jim Williams. It was a memorable evening.

Chuck sums up his philosophy this way: “Ethics is much more than a theoretical concept. It’s a practical collection of thought processes and behaviors that lead to personal and professional success.” Chuck is an example of how adversity can be turned into success and how inspirational words and guiding principles can be shared with others, making the community and the world a better place.

Published May 2024

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