Carol Horldt McLean Class of 1987
Lawyer, Raleigh, NC

Like many careers, the legal profession has a number of specialties, and each one plays an important part in the orderly operation of our society. As a lawyer practicing the in the Raleigh area, Carol Horldt McLean uses her education and skills in a variety of service areas.

I own a part-time law firm where I handle small business disputes and occasionally wills, living wills, and powers of attorney. My full-time work is with Amgen, a pharmaceutical company in California. There I work closely with hospitals and research institutions and universities across the US to negotiate contracts for Clinical Trials. My workload is mostly dedicated to oncology studies, but I have also been heavily involved in other sciences, such as neurology, inflammation, and bone studies. It is exciting to be part of the process that brings new medicines to patients who need them! I love my job, and am blessed to work from home full-time. This has been especially helpful during the pandemic.

After high school, Carol graduated from North Carolina State University with a BA degree in sociology and then later obtained a Juris Doctor in Law at North Carolina Central University.

When I was in high school, and later college, I didn't know what I wanted to do as a career. After graduating from NC State, I settled into the business world, but I always felt a calling into law. I finally made the decision to attend law school mid-career with supportive friends and family under my wings. I use the knowledge and experience I gained in my business career to relate to clients on a personal level and facilitate tough negotiations with research institutions."

Sam Wilkinson was a wonderful East Burke teacher who inspired me to appreciate our lessons from history. I remember fondly his class in Native American history and the oppression faced by so many during the establishment of our nation. Mr. Wilkinson inspired me to speak out for my fellow brothers and sisters who still face prejudice, racism, and oppression to this day. In my early days as a lawyer, I took on cases for arrestees in Moral Monday marches. I have also volunteered for Legal Aid and participated in weekend Wills clinics, drafting wills for those who cannot afford legal services.

I feel satisfied that I finally achieved most of my career goals and am now enjoying a pleasant work/life balance. Eventually, I would like to retire near my grown children so I can be involved in the daily lives of my family.

Published February 2022

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