Kyle Merck – Class of 1985
Vice-President, Director of Service Delivery, IT Manager, Peoples Bank, Newton, NC

Having a safe and secure banking experience is important for everyone, and knowing that our savings are secure makes life so much less stressful. In March 2024, Kyle Merck will be celebrating 25 years of employment at Peoples Bank, where he currently serves as Vice-President and Director of Service Delivery. He also manages one of the IT teams. “My responsibilities,” explains Kyle, “range from overseeing our internal Helpdesk to supporting the voice, video, and ATM networks. I really like seeing the growth and achievement of employees as they work towards their own personal goals. From the time I was in high school, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in IT and helping people with technology.

“Juggling different priorities can present a daily challenge while making decisions about how and when to tackle issues as well as project timelines. I love to see others have success and feel like they are making an impact on both the team and the company.”

Before my next job opportunity, I was able to put into practice the work ethic that I was taught as a kid to find odd jobs to provide for my family. “I worked in both a grocery store and construction during high school summers. The construction work was a hot and dirty job. My biggest takeaway was that I didn’t want to necessarily continue that as a career after high school/college, but it did teach me the value of what it meant to physically work hard. After college, I worked in IT in both furniture and textile manufacturing. Both companies that I worked for had financial hardships, and ultimately both filed for bankruptcy.

“Probably the lowest point in my career was the loss of my job when our first daughter was only one year old. Finding a path forward was difficult for my wife and me when faced with the financial difficulty that arises with a new home mortgage and a family to support. Before my next job opportunity, I was able to put into practice the work ethic that I was taught as a kid to find odd jobs to provide for my family. I was blessed and thankful for the next door of opportunity in banking. This is where I have now spent the last 26 years of my career.”

Kyle graduated from Catawba Valley Community College in Hickory in 1988 with an Associate degree in Computer Programming. Through the years, he has had technical training and has held certifications in PBX phones systems, call center systems, and various Microsoft and Cisco Systems. He has also completed management programs with Peoples Bank.

But, like so many others, his time at East Burke High has not been forgotten. “I enjoyed having several teachers at East Burke, but Jim Williams had the biggest impact for me personally. I was in his men’s chorus class my senior year and enjoyed the fun learning he brought to the classroom. I have always enjoyed music and singing. That experience inspired me to continue singing at church and in the community after graduation. Each of our daughters sang at East Burke and enjoyed choir/chamber singers under the instruction of teachers who had been taught and inspired by Mr. Williams. My daughter was the recipient of a music scholarship awarded by him. I am thankful for the positive impact that Mr. Williams has had on my family and on many other families.

“I want to continue to learn and mentor people. I have been blessed to have had good leaders who have helped to guide me in my career. I still enjoy working and hope to continue to do so for the next several years, but when I am able to retire, my dream has been to open my own ice cream shop business either locally or at the beach. I hope to be a positive force for my grandson and any future grandchildren.”

Whether giving peace of mind to the bank customers or planning a joyful future with an entirely different clientele, Kyle’s life and career has been and will continue to be spent in service to his community and to the world.

Published December 2023

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