Dear Cavaliers,

So many changes have taken place at East Burke in the past several years that you might not even recognize it! To name only a few, the office has been enclosed, the Cavalier has a new home, and there’s a big new mural on the wall. Take a look at the photos for a taste of the new look.

The 2023-24 school year will be the fiftieth for EBHS. Are some celebrations in order?

The purpose of this website is to reminisce, reflect, and celebrate. The featured graduate articles are designed to show how EB grads have gone out into the world and made a difference by serving their communities in a variety of ways. The list of careers and other pursuits will hopefully also inspire the young people. They can learn about jobs they never knew existed, be inspired by how others have overcome obstacles, and perhaps even find a mentor or two.

The Cavalier was built in 1981 and previously stood above the office. Now that the office has been remodeled and enclosed, the Cavalier is in the cafeteria. They gave him an apron.

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Stay tuned for more features and more information.

We are a family.
Go, Wild Bunch!

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