MARCH 2023

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“Each month we feature four Cavalier graduates who are making contributions to the community and the world. Here are the four featured for March 2023. Check them out.

So far, we have featured 172 graduates, and four more will be added by April 1.

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The 49th EBHS will graduate this spring.
Go, Wild Bunch.”

From the Class of 1984 - Kay Honeycutt Draughn
Clerk to the Board, Burke County Commissioners

“I have to be a bit of a ‘jack of all trades’ – researcher, event planner, problem solver, facilitator. Whatever programs the Burke County Commissioners decide to implement, it’s my job to help them do it.” Kay Honeycutt Draughn’s official title is Clerk to the Board, but that title does not describe her many far-ranging duties.

“In terms one often hears used for government jobs, I ‘serve at the pleasure of the board.’ County clerk is an appointed position, and there is one clerk per county in North Carolina. In addition to the jobs that the public might expect – record keeping, managing the minutes, agendas, handling contracts and resolutions, maintaining the budget, paying bills, coordinating travel, being sure all ordinances and regulations are processed – I am responsible for helping the commissioners accomplish whatever they decide is needed for county governance. Sometimes that can be a real challenge, but it can also be fun and is always rewarding.” Read More

From the Class of 1999
- Jason Hoyle
Instructional Technology Facilitator, Hickory High School

Twenty-first century society is heavily dependent on technology, and schools are no exception. Not only do teachers make great use of technology in lesson presentation, but also students must master ways to use technology in researching, preparing, and presenting material.

Jason Hoyle currently serves as the Instructional Technology Facilitator at Hickory High School. He explains, “I provide technical and instructional support for all faculty, staff, and students through working in collaboration with the IT department and with teachers in content development and lesson planning. I also serve as the media coordinator, webmaster, and local Learning Management System administrator. Read More

From the Class of 1977
- Jeff Hyde
Operations Manager, Aesthetic Images Photography, Greensboro, NC

“There is an old saying: A picture is worth a thousand words. I have learned that to be true. I also know that setting up the camera properly and having good lighting, while important, is not all that’s involved in making that picture. What I enjoy the most about my job is interacting with people. Helping our clients to be comfortable and relaxed, reducing their anxiety, bringing out their personality – all are key ingredients to good photography.” So explains Jeff Hyde about one of his roles as operations manager of Aesthetic Images Photography in Greensboro, NC.

“My wife, who is a gifted photographer and had been busy freelancing, purchased this business in 2006. It was a busy studio with a number of employees. Up to that point, I had spent my career working in many aspects of the hospitality industry. I had graduated from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem with a degree in history . . . Read More

From the Class of 1996
- Connie Rodriguez Thompson
School Counselor, Burke Virtual Academy and Burke Middle College

Counselors play a valuable role in our school system. Helping our young people find their paths in this complex society is an invaluable service. Connie Rodriguez Thompson is currently employed by Burke County Public Schools as a School Counselor for Burke Virtual Academy and Burke Middle College.

Burke Middle College is located on the campus of Western Piedmont Community College and is a partnership between Burke County Public Schools and WPCC. High school students enrolled in BMC can complete their eleventh and twelfth grade years while also working toward an Associate degree or certificate. Students can complete their entire community college degree by the time they graduate from high school and can have a two-year start toward achieving their college or career goals. The Burke Virtual Academy allows students to gain credit for online courses in a variety of subjects. These two entities allow students more variety in their learning choices and provide new opportunities for learning Read More

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