Kevin Teague Class of 1985
Territory Manager, Cricket Wireless Phone Service /
Owner, Memory Lane Photography, Granite Falls, NC

Working with people is what I enjoy, and I am fortunate to have jobs that allow me to interact with both a professional team and with the general public. I currently work with the largest independent dealer of Cricket wireless phone service as a Territory Manager, with store locations in the Greensboro area of North Carolina. I oversee the sales and operations results of these locations. I have been a multi-unit sales manager in the wireless industry for the last 5 years, after completing a successful 29 years with RadioShack.

I enjoy what I do because I get to work with others. My role is not really about selling phones but instead involves developing my team to be the best versions of themselves by coaching, teaching, and challenging them to higher levels of performance. My ultimate reward is their success, and I've been very fortunate to watch many individuals progress through their careers and advance their positions and personal worth. Of course, there are always challenges. The downside to my role is that it is very labor intensive, and one is almost never truly off from work. Retail rarely takes a day off!

I developed an interest in photography in the late 1990's and followed a path of self-education into the techniques to producing pleasing and interesting portraits. In 2004, following the prompting of friends and family, I started producing photography for the general public and have been doing so ever since. I operate a photography studio known as Memory Lane Photography in Granite Falls and specialize in wedding and event photography. We offer traditional portraiture as well.

The pandemic of 2020 has been favorable to my photography business. When the national photography chains closed down in 2020, the local demand for photography services remained. Through my marketing efforts, the community was able to find me, resulting in my best year ever. In fact, I added an additional team member this year to assist with the studio operation and the photo editing process!

As I reflect on my time at East Burke and those who influenced me, one teacher really stands out Mrs. Lillian Pendley. While we often didn't get along, she remained a constant throughout my years at East Burke. She recognized my potential, and I'm sure she found it frustrating to have a student who wanted to take the path of least resistance to completion. She challenged me and, using tough love, helped me understand why she wanted so much more for those she taught. I'm sure the way she interacted with me helped guide how I would interact with those whom I support at work.

My forward-looking philosophy that I learned from my grandmother has always been "one day at a time." Whatever the challenges I may face today, I'll do my best to get through them and conquer or achieve what I can. Tomorrow is a new day!

Published January 2021

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